Get Help With Debt In Just 3 Moves

You can out of debt in just three moves. Yes, just three. As simple as it sounds, it’s not too good to be true. You can really do this. The first part of getting out of debt is to educate yourself on the how to and then do it. The big picture becomes simple when it’s explained in black and white. You don’t have to live in a financial prison, you can break out and live free from this day forward. Are you ready to get educated? Let’s go.

Step number one –?Get in the frame of mind about getting your debt in check. You need to be motivated enough to actually do something about what you owe before you sign yourself up for any program. Get pissed off. Yes, I said pissed off, that are being trapped by fees and interest and the fact your paycheck is already gone before you even see it. That’s no way to live. Your creditors are holding you captive to your debt and you should be mad about it. Think of what you could be doing with your money instead of wasting it on paying off debt. How about a well deserved vacation to somewhere tropical or a new set of wheels? Maybe even buy a house? Are you ticked off yet? Good, you should be. Now you’re in the right frame of mind to get serious.

Step number two –?Make a plan that you can follow to pay off your debt. It can include any of the following; debt repayment, debt negotiation, credit counseling and bankruptcy. Each works differently, some you can do on your own, some require professional assistance. Research each thoroughly to make the best choice for your situation and talk to an expert if you feel this is the right route for you. Whichever plan you have in mind to pay off debt, make sure you are setting aside at least 10% of your total income to put into an emergency fund. With an emergency fund you ideally want to have at least 3 months worth of living expenses saved, this is an excellent goal to have. Every month, pay yourself first and then pay off your debt as planned.

Our last step involves giving up or sacrificing some of those little everyday luxuries. Can you give up your monster size mocha latte at Starbucks? How about learning to make your own at home? You’ll save money and have a yummy drink to boot. You can also give up eating out so much and spending money on little frivolous things you don’t need. Before you make a purchase, ask yourself do I really need this Wait 30 seconds and if you still do , well by all means get it, but understand that money spending habits need to change for you to get out of debt. If you simply must have that item, then consider getting a second job to help pay down your debt and still lead the life you want. Small steps here are the key. Getting out of debt is the key to a prosperous financial future!